A2: Search engine optimisation (SEO)

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Presentations with (archive) in the title are at least 2 years old.

These presentations will be replaced over the next couple of weeks, with more recent versions. In some cases the information is still relevant, but may just need to be updated due to changes in terminology, e.g. Webmaster Tools is now Search Console etc.

A2: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
A2: Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation
Unit 1 A2 Different Types of Results in the Search Engines (archive)
Unit 2 A2 What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Unit 3 A2: Google Guidelines and Tools for SEO (archive)
Techniques and Tools used for SEO Auditing and Research
Unit 1 A2 Auditing and Monitoring Tools (archive)
Technical SEO
Unit 1 A2 Introduction to Technical SEO (archive)
Unit 2 A2: Google Algorithm Changes (archive)
On-page SEO
Unit 1 A2 Introduction and Techniques used in On-Page SEO (archive)
Unit 2 A2 Anatomy of an Optimised Web Page (archive)
Unit 3 A2 Importance of Supporting Content and Blogging
Unit 4 A2 Examples of On-Page SEO, Blogging and Content Marketing (archive)
Off-page SEO
Unit 1 A2 Understanding the Importance of Links (archive)
Unit 2 A2 Techniques to Improve your Link Profile (archive)
Unit 3 A2 Google Manual Action Penalty - Disavow Unnatural (Spammy) Links (archive)
Unit 4 A2 Use of Content Outreach and Social in SEO (archive)
A2: Updates and what's new in search
Unit 1 A2: Practical SEO changes you can implement today (Nov 2019)
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