A7: Paid Search & PPC

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A7: Paid Search (Google, Bing & other ads) Training Course
A7: Anicca's Paid Search Workshops - full day course content
Unit 1 A7 Anicca's Paid Search Workshop - Day 1 - all slides (2019)
Unit 2 A7 Anicca's Paid Search Workshop - Day 2 - all slides (2019)
Unit 3 A7 Anicca's Paid Search Workshop - Day 3 - all slides (2019)
Unit 4 A7 Anicca's Paid Search Workshop - Day 4 - all slides (2019)
Paid search - Introduction
Unit 1 A7 Introduction to paid media (2019)
Unit 2 A7 Introduction to paid search ads and examples (2019)
Unit 3 A7 Campaign objectives and options (2019)
Unit 4 A7 Understanding the digital marketing landscape (archive)
Paid Search - Setting up your Ads account and campaigns
Unit 1 A7 Opening a Google Ads account (2019)
Unit 2 A7 Keyword Research (2019)
Unit 3 A7 Developing your ad copy (2019)
Unit 4 A7 Understanding ad extensions (2019)
Unit 5 A7 Dynamic ads (2019)
Unit 6 A7 Landing pages examples (2019)
Unit 7 A7 Campaign set-up (2019)
Unit 8 A7 Building your campaign structure (2019)
Unit 9 A7 Google Ads Editor and settings (2019)
Unit 10 A7 Creating Single Keyphrase ad groups (SKAGS) using Google Ads Editor (Archive)
Paid Search - ongoing account management
Unit 1 A7 Conversion tracking and set-up (2019)
Unit 2 A7 Campaign optimisation (2019)
Unit 3 A7 Campaign budgets, bidding strategies and adjustments/modifiers (2019)
Unit 4 A7 Ad Testing (2019)
Unit 5 A7 Google Ads bid modifiers for device, location and schedule (archive)
Unit 6 A7 Using the Google Ads dashboard (archive)
Unit 7 A7 Google ads reporting (archive)
Paid search - Google Ads - Advanced techniques and background theory
Unit 1 A7 Understanding Google Ads Quality Score and AdRank (2019)
Unit 2 A7 Existing audiences (2019)
Unit 3 A7 New audiences (2019)
Unit 4 A7 Shopping advertising (2019)
Unit 5 A7 Display advertising (2019)
Unit 6 A7 Remarketing (archive)
Paid Search - Tips, Resources and Helpful Articles
Unit 1 A7 Google Ads and PPC Glossary (archive)
Unit 2 A7 Google Ads Quality Score Analysis - using Pivot tables (archive)
Unit 3 A7 Using our Weekly Optimisation Checklist to Improve Google Ads Performance (archive)
Unit 4 A7 How to manage your PPC campaigns and avoid the top 10 mistakes (archive)
Unit 5 A7 Understanding seller ratings, stars and reviews (archive)
Unit 6 A7 Five Ways Ecommerce managers can improve their Google Ads (archive)
Unit 7 A7 Search Engine marketing for E-commerce Website - What's new in SEO and Google Ads in 2014 (archive)
Unit 8 A7 PPC Tips - Ann Stanley Speaks at Figaro Digital 2012 (archive)
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