C1: Introduction to marketing

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C1. Introduction to marketing
C1.1: Introduction to digital marketing
Unit 1 C1: Introduction to marketing concepts
Unit 2 C1: Overview of communication channels
Unit 3 C1: Inbound marketing
Unit 4 C1: Digital marketing promotional channels
Unit 5 C1: Digital marketing campaigns
C1.2: Distribution channels
Unit 1 C1.2: Introduction to distribution channels
Unit 2 C1.2: B2B distribution channels
Unit 3 C1.2: Internet distribution including ecommerce
Unit 4 C1.2: Power of Amazon
C1.3: Introduction to devices
Unit 1 C1.3 Mobile sites and marketing
Unit 2 C1.3: Internet of things
C1:4 Legal considerations including Privacy, GDPR & CAP
Unit 1 C1.4: Privacy & Data Protection
Unit 2 C1.4: General Data Protection regulations (GDPR)
Unit 3 C1.4: Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP)
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