3. Social Media Marketing

A3: Anicca Social Media Courses

A3: Social Media Marketing
A3: Organic social media marketing
Unit 1 A3: Creating and posting content on Facebook (Parts 1 & 2)
Unit 2 A3: Introduction to using Instagram
A3: Paid Social Media
Unit 1 A3: Introduction to paid social advertising June 2019
Unit 2 A3: Use of social media for lead generation (March 2020)
A3: Facebook Advertising
Unit 1 A3: Set-up of Facebook advertising (June 2019)
A3: LinkedIn Advertising
Unit 1 A3: LinkedIn Advertising (June 2019)
A3: Integrated Approach
Unit 1 A3: Creation and manipulation of audiences for ecommerce (March 2020)
A3: Use of Video and Creative
Unit 1 A3: Creation and distribution of video content to promote your business (April 2020)
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