Welcome to the Anicca Academy Online Portal

Welcome to the online learning portal for the Anicca Academy 12-day digital marketing course.

You need to log-in to access the courses – top right of the screen. Or request free access by clicking on the link and completing a form.

Use the main menu to access the course content;

  • Anicca’s own slides are in the A section of the menu (available for free)
  • If you are studying for the CIM assessment, then you will need to log-into the Cambridge Marketing College portal, you can also find key materials in the C- CIM slides section of the menu
  • The main course material for the 10 modules is found under the section D: DMI slides for the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) course (paid course)
  • The DMI quizzes and practical exercises are in the E – exam and quiz section
  • We will gradually be adding more resources in each session of the portal and in the channel sections below

If you want to know more about the paid course and qualifications then visit the following page on the main anicca.co.uk site.